About Us

Bendrueya Travel was started in April 2019 and fully licensed with Tourism Council of Bhutan, highest tourism regulatory body in Bhutan. Ms Kuenzang Jurmii Choden, the Manager of the travel agent started the business through her experience of travel to every nook and corner of Bhutan. The company strives to offer ‘Responsible & Meaningful Travel’ for individuals wishing to visit Bhutan at reasonable expenses. In addition, we believe in global tourism principles where both the visitor and locals share and learn from each other. Thus, we ensure that your visit to Bhutan in intellectually fulfilling.

Why choose to travel with us?
Bendrueya Travel customizes travel itinerary as per clients interest and consequently our team assures that client get the feel of an authentic experience of Bhutan. Our team is dedicated in taking you beyond popular tourist destinations. For instance, Ms. Choden will make you feel connected to local communities and mystical rural Bhutan. You can also hear a first-hand story on history of Bhutan through her family lineage.

As per the needs of clients we offer professional tour guides with diverse background