Central Bhutan – cherishing a royal heritage!

The central circuit consists of Trongsa and Bumthang districts. Trongsa is politically important while Bumthang houses most ancient and significant monasteries of Bhutan like – Kurje Lhakhang, Tamshing Lhakhang and a sacred lake Mebar Tsho. Trongsa Dzong – ancient seat of Bhutanese royals, Ta Dzong – the watchtower, Thruepang Palace, Kuenga Rabten Palace and Chendebji Chorten in Trongsa are popular among tourists. The entire central Bhutan is embellished with amazing natural beauty. Other prominent tourist spots are Jakar, Gelephu, Sarpang and Zhemgang.

Trongsa Dzong

In the ancient times it was the seat of power over central and eastern Bhutan and the vanguard of the warriors. The massive Trongsa Dzong is the largest fortress in Bhutan which stands on a spur overlooking the gorge of the Mangdi Chuu river. This strategically placed structure is the first sight long before arriving at Trongsa town.

– Yotongla pass

Yotongla Pass stands at around 3425 m high pass between Trongsa and Bumthang. Driving along the highway gives a perfect view of the most famous and revered mountain range Jowo Durshing, popularly known as Black Mountain Range.

– Phobjikha

It is a wide open marshland area surrounded by gentler slopes than you see in most of the North and Central areas of Bhutan. It attracts the highest number of winter visiting endangered birds Black Necked Cranes in Bhutan. It is a great place to take some gentler day hikes around the marshy areas, which is designated as Ramsar site, an internationally important wetland in 2012.

– Chokhor Valley

The Chokhor Valley has countless small temples and shrines dotting its hillsides. Impossibly pleasant and peaceful pathways guide visitors from one cluster to the next, showcasing the area’s natural beauty. The hike is much milder than other more extreme treks, but can be a bit challenging nonetheless. The beautiful pasturelands and meadows between pine forest earned its reputation as little Switzerland of Bhutan.

Kurjey Lhakhang

Burning lake


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